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AI Engine

Solutions / ML-NLP

Fortuit AI Engine

Provided either as a service or embedded within Web or Mobile applications, deployment is based on a structured methodology as follows:

• Assessment of current processes, technology and solution stacks
• Research of industry experience specific to your business
• Qualifying, evaluating and selecting an optimal ML Model
• Pre-processing of your data
• Agreeing on expected results
• Deploying the Fortuit AI Engine

Through its Machine Learning Module the AI Engine provides:
• Predictions
• Recommendations
• Personalization

Through its Natural Language Module the AI Engine provides:
• Text Summaries
• Text Classification
• Sentiment Analysis

At the core of the Fortuit AI Engine lies its ontological knowledge base which is populated by default with the whole of the knowledge contained wihtin Wikipedia. This knowledge can be searched using natural language and updated or added to accordingly.