Share Registry

Finance / Back Office

Fortuit Shares

Fortuit Shares is a highly flexible, reliable, tried and tested Share Registry and Investment Product Management System which can be adjusted to suit a wide range of user requirements.

Fortuit Shares is a comprehensive system that provides the following functionality:

Share Register Maintenance

• Transition and implementation of registers
• Maintenance of shareholder details
• Monitoring of Institutional, Group and Individual Investor Holdings

Shares / Transfers

• Import from Central Depository Systems and creation of transfer log
• Import of shareholder details from Central Depository Systems
• Processing of off market / private transfers
• Printing of Share Certificates and/or export facility
• Management of Share Collaterals

Bank Depositor Bail-In

• Implementation of Bail In Register from Depositor Haircut file
• Maintenance of Bail In Shareholder details
• Monitoring of Bail In Holdings (as % of Issued Capital)
• Processing of transfers
• Printing of Share Certificates and/or export facility
• Export to Central Depository System at resumption of trading
• Management of 'Unknown' Bail In Investors
• Extensive Bail In Reporting Suite


• Very extensive suite of reports
• Report Generator facility


• Calculation and payment of dividends and distributions
• Provision for withholding tax and/or other obligatory amounts
• Payment by cheque and/or direct bank account credit, shares
• Dividend Reinvestment (shares)
• Payment directly to lender (shares as collateral)
• Dividend Cheque Management (including cheque replacement)
• Reconciliation of bank accounts

Corporate Actions

• IPOs, including payment in cash or other investments (e.g. bond exchange)
• Support for different currencies (e.g. payment in EUR, USD, GBP)
• Rights Issues
• Private Placements
• Share Splits
• Share Reversals
• Free Share Issue
• Employee Investment Schemes

Other Investment Products

• Bond Issue and Management
• Convertible Bond Issue and Management and periodic conversion to shares
• Share Warrant Issue and Management
• Share Options Issue and Management
• Administration of interest payments (calculation, cheques and reporting)

Annual General Meetings

• Distribution of annual reports and notices of meetings to shareholders
• Receiving and compiling proxy form information
• Managing attendance register and shareholder registration at venue

Other Functionality

• Dual listing
• Management of various list files (e.g. Branches, Brokers, Directors)


Support is always a top priority. We know that Share Registry Management is inherently subject to sudden corporate decisions with diverse and at times very complex requirements. Very short deadlines and absolute accuracy requires particular expertise in terms of user support.