Share Registry

Share Registry
Management System

A highly flexible, reliable, tried and tested Share Registry system used for years by large banks (LSE listed).

Share Register • Iniitial Register implementation
• Maintenance of shareholder details
• Mangement of shareholder communication
• Monitoring of Institutional/Individual holdings
• Reports: summary / detailed

Share Transactions • Shareholder import from Central Depository
• Creation & Maintenance of transaction logs
• Private transfer processing
• Print/Export of Share Certificates
• Management of Share Collaterals
• Reports: summary / detailed

Corporate Actions • IPOs (cash payment, bond exchange)
• Multi Currency Support
• Rights Issues
• Private Placements
• Share Splits
• Share Reversals
• Free Share Issue
• Employee Investment Scheme
• Reports: summary / detailed

Dividends • Calculation and payment of dividends
• Tax and obligatory amount withholding provisions
• Payment by cheque, direct credit, shares
• Dividend Reinvestment (shares)
• Payment directly to lender (shares as collateral)
• Dividend Cheque management
• Bank account Reconciliation

Investment Products • Bond Issue and management
• Convertible Bond Issue and Conversion
• Share Warrant Issue management
• Share Options Issue management
• interest payment management)
• Reports: summary / detailed

Other Functionality • Implementation of Bail-In Register from Haircut file
• Annual report distribution
• AGM: Receiving and compiling proxy forms
• AGM: Managing attendance register & registration
• Dual Stock Exchange listing management
• Various list management (e.g. Branches, Brokers)
• Reports: summary / detailed

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