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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are being increasingly deployed across consumer and enterprise markets around the world.

AI (ML/NLP) is driving better products through increased personalization and affordability which in turn stimulates consumer demand.

To improve current business processes and keep ahead of the competition, outsourcing the process of leveraging AI (optionally along with other technologies like Blockchain/NFT or VR/AR) is the best way forward.
Fortuit Software Services
Business Process

Predict future demand, reduce product returns and recommend products with Machine Learning.

Summarize & classify text, extract entities and analyze text in terms of sentiment with NLP.
Custom AI

Standard software development plus seamless embedded AI (ML / NLP) modules.

Web, mobile and client-server, C#/, SQL, Python, Progress, Windows Azure.
AI Strategic

Solve your technology related business problems and pain points.

We help you define and implement your enterprise level AI strategy.

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