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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, an umbrella term that includes multiple technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), are being increasingly deployed across consumer, enterprise, and government markets around the world. AI/ML-NLP is driving greater product variety and enhancement with increased personalization, attractiveness and affordability, which in turn is stimulating consumer demand.

For many current business owners, not leveraging these opportunities means risking being leapfrogged by emerging counterpart businesses. The quickest way to leverage AI is to initially outsource the process. In addition to cost savings, expert third party experience is leveraged as to how to proceed in terms of what AI models to use, which tools to choose and the optimal implementation mode.
Business process

Predict future demand, reduce product returns and recommend products with Machine Learning.

Summarize & classify text, extract entities and analyze text in terms of sentiment with NLP.
Custom AI

Standard software development plus seamless embedded AI (ML / NLP) modules.

Web, mobile and client-server, C#/, SQL, Python, Progress, Windows Azure.
AI Strategic

Solve your technology related business problems and pain points.

We help you define and implement your enterprise level AI strategy.

the Fortuit AI engine
Through AI/ML/Nlp the AI Engine provides Predictions, Recommendations,
Personalization, Text Summaries, Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis.
Use cases / Engaging with Fortuit
Banking / Finance Banking is being challenged and is transitioning towards a more flexible and personalized service. Technology, new regulations like PDS2 (Open Banking Initiative) and Fintechs are creating a new banking landscape.

Leveraging AI/ML-NLP technology and leading innovation is the answer to these challenges.

Personalized Recommendations, Chatbots, Non-Performing Loan Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Detection, Cybersecurity, Compliance and Wealth Management are all areas where AI/ML-NLP can significantly improve or even reinvent certain operations.
In terms of trading, funds are increasingly migrating towards ML models that predict price fluctuations and improve themselves by adjusting to current market conditions while at the same time leveraging NLP to automatically identify relevant news, blogs and regulations.

Sales / Marketing In Sales and Marketing, the fortuit AI Engine can be deployed to collect data and transform it into useful insights using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that generate accurate predictions for target business objectives.

Examples are:

 • inventory requirement predictions

 • return rate predictions

 • customer intent identification

 • serving best matching products

All the above, in a measured way and among other possible applications, can translate directly into increased profitability.
Data and Text Analytics
The Data and Text Analytics service (ML / NLP) is provided on the basis of a structured process as follows:

• Assessment of current processes, technology and solution stacks
• Research of industry experience specific to your business
• Qualifying, evaluating and selecting an optimal ML Model
• Pre-processing of your data
• Agreeing on expected results and specifying how they will create value for your business
• Deployment of the Fortuit AI Engine with results available through its Web/Mobile Interface

Custom AI Software Development

Development is based on a structured methodology with specific deliverables and strict adherence to schedule. Deliverables include the following documents and processes:

• Feasibility Study
• System Analysis Document
• Design Document
• Prototype Software
• Testing, Implementation
• Maintenance and Support

AI Strategy: Your corporate AI Roadmap

Deliverables include a strategy document structured as a potential implementation AI road map which starts with a general assessment of AI and then in detail covers the following:

• overall feasibility and risk
• pros and cons of the various AI approaches
• potential cost overview
• mobile delivery modes
• available commercial AI API's
• open source AI libraries
• bottom up AI development

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